Commercial Water Softeners

Commercial Water Softeners are among the most widely used water treatment products in the industry today. For this reason, Viridian Water Systems has established great relationships with high quality suppliers of Water Softeners, primarily Watts Water Technologies and Kinetico. Commercial Water Softeners have applications in almost all Commercial and Industrial settings.

Water Softeners are composed of a two-part system: a mineral tank and a brine tank. The mineral tank houses high efficiency ion-exchange resin, which is the real catalyst in the water softening process. Dissolved concentrations of Calcium and Magnesium ions are fed into the mineral tank, and by way of exposure to the ion-exchange media, are exchanged for Sodium ions. In this fashion, significant amounts of Cations, such as Calcium and Magnesium ions, saturate the ion-exchange resin in place of Sodium. This process greatly reduces feed water concentrations of Cations. The second component of a fully functioning Water Softener is known as a brine or salt tank. This is a shorter, wider container as compared to the mineral tank, and is primarily the storage of softener salt. From the water softener brine tank, saltwater is periodically drawn into the mineral tank for the purpose of recharging (regenerating) the ion-exchange media. This is mandatory because as time passes, the water softener mineral tank resin becomes increasingly exhausted and requires ample regeneration.

banner08Commercial Water Softeners are readily available in sizes of 0.75 to 20.00+ cubic feet of high efficiency ion-exchange cation resin. Each cubic foot of high efficiency ion-exchange resin has a capacity of 30,000 grains of hardness. This means that a Commercial Water Softener with a single cubic foot of high efficiency ion-exchange resin will be exhausted and require regeneration after 30,000 grains of hardness have been absorbed by the media. If the feed water has a hardness rating of 10grains/gallon, this Commercial Water Softener can effectively soften 3,000 gallons of water.

Depending on the specific parameters of the application of a Commercial Water Softener, the recommended size of system will vary. Viridian Water Systems has installed Commercial Water Softeners with more than 7.0 cubic feet of high efficiency ion-exchange resin. These systems can have diameters of more than 3 feet!