Nova Coolant Synthesis Inc.

“The project management team at Viridian Water Systems was very helpful in assisting us determine an appropriate solution to our coolant problem. Our coolants were periodically becoming saturated with chlorides and rendered useless. Viridian suggested the installation of a Commercial Water Softener, followed up by a Mixed Bed Deionization system. This adequately solved our chlorides problem, and we were left quite satisfied with the result.”

Seven Dwarfs Restaurant

“Hard water is a problem our restaurant struggled with for some time. Being situated in a relatively rural area, our main water source was a dug well. Unfortunately, the hard water was contributing to a very expensive kitchen operating cost due to cleaning products. Viridian advised that we purchase a Commercial Water Softener to remedy this issue. The installation team was speedy and efficient, and within a few days our water supply was significantly softened. This helped us on a day-to-day basis.”

Orion Industries Ltd.

“We were experiencing a water hardness of more than 20 grains per gallon, and that’s when we thought to begin research a company that could supply water softeners to us. Our company received many quotes, and after reviewing them, we decided to proceed with Viridian Water Systems out of Hamilton, ON. We found that their service was prompt and their products were of high quality. We have had their systems for more than 5 years and have no complaints.”

Kutlesa Property Services

“After several years of dissatisfied service from a local water treatment company, we turned to Viridian for a service call on one of our softeners. They were able to effectively remedy the problem in less than 48 hours, and for this reason we chose to upgrade our softeners through Viridian Water Systems. We had our 1 cubic foot softeners replaced for twin alternating clack control valve softeners from Viridian and have had no issues with them thus far. We understand that although our application isn’t Industrial, we received high grade products and for this we are thankful.”